Using Cryptocurrency: Anonymous Ways of Buying BTC

    Existing banking institutions have absolute control over customer funds: they have access to all the information about transactions and account status. Using standard payment solutions, Twitter Tracker ™ customer cannot ensure complete anonymity of own transactions since the fees related to the use of software will be recorded in the history of bank transfers.

    The only way to maintain anonymity when paying for the use of software is to employ cryptocurrency. Despite to the popular belief about the complexity of buying and transferring Bitcoin, modern payment services allow you to conduct a transaction in a few clicks. You can buy cryptocurrency on specialized exchanges or electronic wallets as well as on automated digital exchangers.

    BTC is a decentralized payment instrument like any other digital currencies of similar kind, and it is not controlled internally or externally. But most of the services used for buying and selling cryptocurrencies imply completion of the KYC (Know Your Customer) procedure, which requires provision of the personal data and confirmation of the user's identity before conducting transactions. This requirement is a legislative measure designed to reduce the amount of shady cash cycles.

    To conduct transactions anonymously, people ten to buy cryptocurrency from the private sellers. Do not get tricked into a fraud, we recommend using only reliable cryptocurrency platforms.

    Here we suggest the safe ways to buy Bitcoin:

    localbitcoins LocalBitcoins ( — is a cryptocurrency exchange used to buy and sell cryptocurrency. It employs peer-to-peer technology (P2P). Portal users post their offers indicating the appropriate exchange rate and payment method. A client interested in conducting a transaction responds to a suitable offer and transfers funds to the electronic wallet or bank card specified in the request. In response, transaction initiator sends the cryptocurrency to a wallet linked to the account. In this case, LB service administration acts as a guarantor and ensures the compliance of both parties with transaction terms.

    How it works:

    1. Check the provided License Agreement and create new account on the portal.
    2. Log in the mailbox indicated during registration to confirm provided email address.
    3. Learn how to use the cryptocurrency exchange and choose the offer of your interested from those available on the portal.
    4. Use electronic wallet to transfer BTC to your personal account in the TW-Tracker™ (account number is indicated in the Balance section).
    5. Funding an account can take over 2 hours, and the blockchain may require up to three confirmations.

    BestChange ( is a service that monitors latest offers on the cryptocurrency exchanges. Comparison of available offers is based on three main parameters such as the current rate, maximum amount of purchased cryptocurrency, and the number of positive reviews. The service offers both automatic and manual currency exchange points with a high business level (BL). Unlike LocalBitcoins, BC is not a guarantee of the transaction, it only monitors the reputation of represented exchangers. On the portal, information is displayed in real time to avoid any shady activity.

    How it works:

    1. Use any convenient third-party service to create a cryptocurrency wallet. TW-Tracker™ administration recommends using a reputable company - BLOCKCHAIN (
    2. How it works: BestChange Go to the BestChange and choose favorable currency pair (you can do it manually, check the table or TOP 20 popular exchange directions).
    3. Choose the most advantageous offer. Pay attention to the rate, rating and reviews.
    4. Follow the instructions of chosen exchanger to buy cryptocurrency.
    5. To get your Bitcoins, use the wallet you’ve created earlier.
    6. After getting BTC, transfer required funds to personal account (account number is indicated in «The Balance» section in TW-Tracker™.
    7. Funding an account can take about 2 to 3 hours as it may require about 3 confirmations from Blockchain.

    Wait for funds to be credited. For your balance to be displayed in the Dashboard, at least 3 confirmations from Bitcoin blockchain are required.