Functional Features of the TW-Tracker™ Application

Software algorithms are implemented based on the SS7 protocol vulnerability or so-called hole in the security of mobile networks. This method shows a high fault tolerance and allows a user to access the target account in 97% of cases. TW-Tracker™ launches account recovery and requests a verification code to log in to the account. Then the program connects to the subscriber’s cellular network and intercepts a message with a six-digit digital key. Activating an account on a remote emulator, the software does not change the user password. This ensures complete user anonymity in the beginning of hacking session, and the account holder can freely use own page. Employing the launched algorithm, the web application collects the target information and forms a single user data archive with the login details, a list of incoming and outgoing messages, a history of tweets and retweets and the content posted by the user. A size of the archive depends on target user activity and may exceed 2GB.