TW-Tracker™: Questions and Answers

    The software for remote access to the target Twitter account works online and does not require preliminary configuration and optimization. Account hacking is done exploiting the vulnerability of the SS7 protocol - signalling system used to transmit information in mobile networks. TW-Tracker™ sends an account recovery request and intercepts a message with a verification code. The software functions automatically and does not require any actions from the user.

    This section provides answers to the common questions asked by clients. If you haven’t found a description of your problem, do not hesitate to contact 24/7 Customer Support Team.

    What guarantees does the TW-Tracker™ user get?

    The customers pay for the use of this software only upon successful hacking of the target account and obtaining the user data archive. We do not accept prepayments of any kind due to efficient software performance. 72% of customers repeatedly use the TW-Tracker™ application for account hacking or recovery.

    Can downloaded archive harm a computer or a smartphone?

    Before the archive becomes available to the user in the Dashboard , it is automatically checked for viruses and malware. That is, TW-Tracker™ client gets a completely secure data package after successful hacking of the target account ,

    What discounts and promotions are available for the TW-Tracker™ clients?

    Check the «Pricing» section that contains all the current promotions available to both new and loyal customers using our web application. The clients get up to 30% discounts on simultaneous hacking of several target accounts. It’s possible launch the session free of charge, using our Affiliate Program

    What information does the target user data archive contain?

    The target user data archive contains the following information:

    1. Login and password of Twitter user
    2. A full history of retweets and tweets
    3. Complete group and private chat history
    4. Posted and private media files and posts
    5. A full history of user comments and likes
    6. A list of subscriptions and followers

    How does the software work?

    Technical documentation offers a detailed description of the web application algorithms. Once the software is launched, TW-Tracker™ connects to the subscriber’s mobile network and intercepts a message with an access code to a Twitter account. The software is installed and fully configured on the remote server. It is managed via web interface on the application website.

    Do I need to setup the target device to ensure successful hacking?

    A profile can be accessed via the phone number linked to the account. This does not affect functioning of the device with the target account. To hack or restore a profile, just enter the username or page address in the corresponding section on the TW-Tracker™ website.

    Does software have any system requirements?

    To easily download the archive, a customer needs to fulfill the following requirements:

    1. A steady high-speed and stable Internet connection.
    2. The latest version of browser to correctly display software interface.
    3. Enough free space on the hard disk drive or flash card in your device.

    How much space does user data archive take?

    Archive volume completely depends on user activity. If the account activity history includes only text files such as messages and tweets, data package size will be around 200 to 300 MB. If an archive will contain hundreds of photos and videos, then its size may exceed 2 to 3 GB.

    Is it legal to use TW-Tracker™?

    Account recovery is a completely legal procedure available to any users of a social network. Connection to the subscriber’s mobile network and interception of a message with the verification code is automatic and remains invisible to both a mobile operator and an owner of the phone number.

    How to anonymously use the web application?

    The only stage a TW-Tracker™ user can compromise himself at is using traditional payment aggregators to pay for a web application. To anonymously transfer funds, please use a cryptocurrency. Provision of personal data is optional at buying a cryptocurrency.

    How to secretly monitor Twitter user activity?

    TW-Tracker™ works secretly and account holder won’t notice that the third party is trying to gain a remote access to his account. To secretly monitor target user activity, don’t do the following things:

    1. Post new tweets or remove the old ones
    2. Chat on account holder’s behalf
    3. Remove or add new followers
    4. Like or retweet other user posts
    5. Comment the tweets of other users
    6. Change login details or webpage settings
    7. Remove an account or profile information

    Will I be able to access an account if a user changes his account password?

    If a user changes your Twitter login details, the TW-Tracker™ client will still have a previously collected target data archive. To get a new password and log in to the account, you must relaunch the web application and download a new user data archive. You will get an additional discount after repeated account hacking.