We offer discounts to the users who want to gain one-time access to several accounts. The customers get 20% discount on simultaneous hacking of two accounts and 30% discount on simultaneous hacking of three or more accounts.

TW-Tracker™ administration is striving to make the application easy in use for the customers. For this purpose, we offer our clients new special offers:

  • New users and loyal customers get special discounts at simultaneous hacking of several target accounts.
  • Customers can fund an account on the Dashboard using BTC thus avoiding the payment of commission fees incurring when dealing with the banking institutions.
  • The members of the Affiliate Program can use the web application for free.

TW-Tracker™ Software Advantages:

  • Icon 95% successful launches
  • Icon Prepayment and risk free
  • Icon High application capacity
  • Icon Complete confidentiality

Support Team

Client service operates round the clock to process the requests of the web application users.


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Repeated Launches

The majority of TW-Tracker™ customers use the application more than one time.

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Why Using Cryptocurrency Better?

  • No Restrictions

    You can pay for the use of Twitter Tracker™ with Bitcoins or other similar digital currency from anywhere in the world, regardless of the terms and conditions set by the banking institutions. Funds are credited to your account within 2 to 3 hours depending on the Blockchain workload.

  • global

    Low Commissions

    TW-Tracker™ users don’t have to pay the fees incurring when dealing with the banks or using other payment aggregators. The blockchain system has minimum commission fees that make up a small percentage of the transferred funds.

  • Anonymous Transactions

    When receiving or transferring cryptocurrency, the user does not need to specify personal data. Like any other digital currency, Bitcoin is not controlled internally or externally therefore a complete confidentiality can be maintained during transactions of any kind.

TW-Tracker™ Can Be Used Free of Charge

The developers of TW-Tracker™ set the most reasonable pricing for the customers. Employing the cryptocurrency to pay for the use of this web application made it possible to eliminate commission fees and minimize operating costs. TW-Tracker™ customers can also use the software free of charge. Promoting the application and sharing the affiliate links, our customers can accumulate the bonus points that can be used later to hack or recover the Twitter account for free.

The answers to frequently asked questions can be found in the F. A. Q. Working algorithms of the software are thoroughly described in the Technical Documentation..
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