Launching TW-Tracker™ Confidentially

    Conducting Transactions Anonymously

    Banking systems and electronic wallets ensure a high extent of protection for personal data, but at the same time they have a full access to the payment history of the customers. To ensure anonymity during transactions, a payment solution like a cryptocurrency, which is not controlled internally or externally, should be used. When buying Bitcoin or a similar digital currency, we recommend using reliable cryptocurrency services.

    TW-Tracker™ works autonomously and does not require involvement of the third parties. Thanks to optimized algorithms, software developers do not have access to user archives. Only the client who initiated the session can view information about user activity on Twitter.

    End-to-End Encryption Algorithms

    The customer exchanges the following data with the TW-Tracker™:

    1. Authorization type such as login details and email address indicated during registration in web application.
    2. Identification type such as phone number, page address or login details entered at launching the hacking session or account recovery.
    3. Downloaded type including the data archive received upon successful hacking of Twitter account and containing the following information: login details, chat history, media files, tweets, comments and lists of followers and subscription.

    To protect all the types of transmitted data, end-to-end encryption algorithms are used. In this way, data packages can only be made available to the TW-Tracker™ clients. A customer gets an access to the files upon entering the password specified during registration, which serves as a decryption key. Without an access code, the target archive will be displayed as a set of incoherent characters. Software developers do not have access to the user data. Thus, should the user lose or forget a password, the developers won’t be able to recover it.

    The Ways to Protect Personal Data

    • Create complex unique passwords including uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and special characters.
    • To login to a web application, use a new email address that has not been registered anywhere before.
    • Once the session is completed and the archive is successfully downloaded, exit the application before closing it.
    • Launching the TW-Tracker™ via public Wi-Fi networks, use the VPN servers or special browser add-ons.
    • Clear your browsing history and delete cookies after hacking the target account.

    Hack an Account Anonymously

    TW-Tracker™ is installed on a remote server, it is fully operational. The software operates offline and does not require confirmation from the account holder to hack the page. All running software components use only the resources of the virtual machine they are installed, they are not displayed on the user’s page in the social network or on their devices such as a smartphone, tablet, PC or laptop. Learn more about functional features of the application .

    TW-Tracker™ developers did everything possible to ensure protection of the user data to a maximum extent. To ensure complete anonymity, the customers should strictly follow all provided recommendations.


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