Affiliate Program for the TW-Tracker™ Clients

    The extensive functionality of TW-Tracker™ and its intuitive interface make this software the most convenient tool for gaining remote access to any Twitter account. Developers seek to attract more customers and encourage any advertising support. Become a web application affiliate and use the application free of charge .

    A Progressive Reward System

    After registering on the portal , each user gets an affiliate link. Share the link with friends and post it in the social networks, instant messengers and on the forums. Attract new customers, get 10% off their application-related expenses and 5% off the costs incurred by their referrals.


    Referral deductions depend on the number of users attracted during the one calendar month:

    • Over 100 attracted customers per month and get +2%
    • 100 to 200 attracted customers and get +5%
    • Over 300 new referrals per month and get +10%

    Get bonus points for every attracted customer

    TW-Tracker™ affiliate gets a single bonus for every new client. Bonus points are credited upon registration of the user, who clicked on the affiliate link, in the web application. The reward for this matter is USD 1.

    • One new customer is rewarded with USD 1

    The site has an intelligent cheat recognition system. For any kind of manipulation, a lifetime lock is provided.

    1. Get a personal affiliate link:

      Individual affiliate link is formed upon registration in TW-Tracker™, it is available on the Dashboard.
    2. Share the affiliate link.
      Share the received link with your friends in social networks and instant messengers, publish it on the websites, blogs and forums.
    3. A unique token is given for every affiliate link.
      The program automatically recognizes the click on the affiliate link and links referral’s actions to the software affiliate.
    4. Referral actions are recognized.
      Once the referral clicks on the link and registers in the web application, bonus points are automatically transferred to the affiliate’s account.
    5. Referral activity analysis is provided in the Dashboard.
      Referral actions are monitored on the TW-Tracker™ website in real time.
    6. Participation in the Affiliate Program is monitored.
      A complete analysis of the client activity within the Affiliate Program is provided on the Profile Page.
    7. Once the affiliate accumulates the funds required to launch the TW-Tracker™, the funds are automatically credited to the account balance.
    8. Create new account in the application to hack Twitter and become the TW-Tracker™ affiliate today.

    Register right now in the Dashboard, to enjoy all the benefits of the Affiliate Program!